Panel 1: Connecting the Dots Between Housing, Transportation, Energy and the Environment

How can the federal government encourage more sustainable housing development in denser, less auto-dependent, more energy efficient communities? Can we make substantial gains in sustainability without significantly increasing housing prices?


Enrique Peñalosa, former Mayor of Bogotá, Columbia

Lead Paper:

Edward L. Glaeser, Fred and Eleanor Glimp Professor of Economics, Harvard University; Director of Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston and Director of Taubman Center for State and Local Government, John F. Kennedy School of Government


Felicia Marcus, Western Director, Natural Resources Defense

Shirley Franklin, Mayor, City of Atlanta (invited)

Mary Nichols, Chair, California Air Resources Board (invited)

Shelley Poticha, CEO, Reconnecting America

Panel 2: From Front Yards to Schoolyards: Linking Housing Policy and School Reform

This panel will explore how a child’s housing and neighborhood conditions affect his or her educational experience and performance. It also will examine the ways in which housing investment and construction decisions shape schools and neighborhoods. Panelists will discuss what we know, and what we need to learn, about the way that education policy fits into a broader discussion of community development and federal housing policy.


Richard Rothstein, Research Associate, Economic Policy Institute, former national education columnist for The New York Times

Lead Paper:

Amy Ellen Schwartz, Professor of Public Policy, Education, and Economics, New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service and Steinhardt School of Education; Director, NYU Institute for Education and Social Policy


Richard Baron, Chairman and CEO, McCormack Baron Salazar

Manny Diaz, Mayor of Miami, President United States Conference of Mayors (invited)

Arne Duncan, Superintendent of Schools of Chicago (invited)

Marian Wright Edelman, Founder and President, Children’s Defense Fund (invited)

Susan Tave Zelman, Senior Vice President for Education and Children’s Content, Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Panel 3: Where Do We Go From Here?: The Future of Fannie and Freddie

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac historically have played a central role in the housing finance system, but after being placed in conservatorship this summer, their future is unclear. This panel will address whether the post-crisis Fannie and Freddie should be wholly owned by the government, completely privatized, or regulated under a public utility model.


Susan Wachter, Richard B. Worley Professor of Financial Management; Professor of Real Estate, Finance and City and Regional Planning, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; Co-director, Penn Institute for Urban Research (invited)


Dwight Jaffee,Willis Booth Professor of Banking, Finance, and Real Estate and Co-Chair, Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, University of California at Berkeley

Barbara Desoer, President, Mortgage, Home Equity and Insurance Services, Bank of America Corporation (invited)

Alex Pollock, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute; formerly President and CEO of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago

Robert Van Order, Adjunct Professor of Finance, University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business; Professor of Land Economics, University of Aberdeen; formerly Chief Economist/Chief International Economist, Freddie Mac

Panel 4: Reclaiming the Promise of Homeownership: New Models to Help First-Time Homebuyers Achieve Stability and Build Wealth

Over the last several years, first time homeownership has been transformed from a stepping stone to the American Dream to a nightmare. This panel will examine the most promising models for promoting sustainable homeownership for working class and low income families. The panelists also will explore the specific steps the new administration should take to move the best ideas to scale.


Sarah Rosen Wartell, Center for American Progress

Lead Paper:

Robert Shiller, Arthur M. Okun Professor of Economic, Yale University


Angela Glover Blackwell,, Founder & CEO, PolicyLink (invited)

Adrian Fenty, Mayor of Washington, D.C. (invited)

Christopher Joye, Managing Director, Rismark

Eric Stein, President, Center for Community Self Help; Senior Vice President, Center for Responsible Lending

Panel 5: Affordable Rental Housing Programs: Building Real Opportunities for Families

How can the federal government better support the creation of affordable rental housing that not only provides shelter for low-income households, but also opens doors for low income families to improve their economic opportunities? Speakers will explore how to improve coordination 5 between production and voucher programs to ensure that affordable rental housing is built in high opportunity neighborhoods with good schools and jobs, and is paired with programs to help tenants acquire skills, earn more, and build savings.


Juan Williams, News Analyst, National Public Radio (invited)

Lead Paper:

Jill Khadduri, Principal Associate, Housing and Community Revitalization, Social & Economic Policy, Abt Associates


Carol Galante, President and CEO, BRIDGE Housing

Bart Harvey, Former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Enterprise Community Partners

Michael Kelly, Executive Director, District of Columbia Housing Authority

Xavier de Souza Briggs, Associate Professor of Sociology and Urban Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology